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This column takes a look back at the history of the city of Peoria, Illinois, from its beginnings to the present day, and outlines its history and place in Illinois history. Peorians and visitors are often surprised to learn that this is the location of one of Illinois' most famous and popular television series. Although it was originally called "Peoria," it has been mentioned in a number of other films, including Jim and Marian Jordan with Jim "Marian" Jordan and the John Travolta film series.

The name Peoria is derived from the French Peouarea, from which it is a portmanteau of "Peoria" (from "carrying a packet on the back of his personal name") and "Peoria."

The Hilton only existed for five years, but the village was renamed East Peoria in 1889 and was to become the city of East Peoria in 1919. The village changed its name to East Peoria in October 1889 and became the city of Peora, Illinois, the first city in the United States, in 1919.

When Marquette returned south, he found that Peoria had been removed from its original location on the west side of the Mississippi River in Kansas, just a few miles south of Kansas City, Missouri. Much of it had gone to Kansas, where it remained until it was built and moved to its current location in the city of Peora.

I expect Main Street to be the area that is covered by the four corners north of Farm Creek, "he said. The Illinois River bordered Peoria, with the river also bordered by Peora Heights, and formed an urbanized industrial complex in the suburbs and the metropolitan area, including the city's main business district, the Creve Coeur Industrial Park. It is bordered to the west by the Illinois River and to the east by Lake Michigan, while Peori Heights also borders the rivers.

Museums in Peoria include the Illinois State Museum, the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign Museum of Art and the Peora Historical Society.

Madison County was incorporated as a city on January 30, 1821, like Chicago, and as a city on July 31, 1837. Illinois's third city was close to Chicago, but Peoria and Bloomington are the only two cities in the state with more than 1,000 residents. The Illinois State Museum, the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign Museum of Art and the Peora Historical Society are also located here. It is also home to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and a member of the National Park Service and the National Historic Landmarks Commission.

In 1778, George Rogers Clark conquered the Illinois Country from Virginia, and Virginia ceded the territory to the United States in 1784. Later the fort burned down and was replaced in 1813 by Fort Clark, which was renamed Peoria in 1825 when Peora County was founded. The East was annexed in 1937 and shortly after, Jefferson Grade School was renamed Jefferson Elementary School, now Jefferson Middle School.

The fourth and fifth cities in Illinois were Quincy and Springfield, and they were accepted by the Illinois General Assembly on the same day, February 3, 1840. Tazewell County had five cities: Pekin was founded on August 21, 1849; Washington was founded first on January 10, 1850; St. Louis, Illinois, on February 10, 1857; Delavan was founded first on April 17, 1888; East Peoria, formerly Hilton, was founded on July 1, 1884. The youngest county town, Marquette Heights, was incorporated on June 27, 1956, making Peora the eighth incorporated city in Illinois.

Caterpillar, Inc. is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois and announces its move from Chicago to the former Sears, Roebuck & Co. headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Peora is home to a number of public buildings, including City Hall, the Illinois State Capitol and the Peori Civic Center, which includes the Carver Arena. Grandview Drive, which Theodore Roosevelt famously called "the most beautiful street in the world" during a visit in 1910, runs between Peoria and Peorias Heights. U of PEoria is located at the confluence of two rivers, where the Illinois River widens to the east and west to Peorians Lake. It is located on a site formerly known as the Sears Block, south of US Route 66 and north of Interstate 75.

The Illinois River was originally used as a water source for the city of Peoria, and in November 1854 the railroad made its way into the city. When the country was booming with railroads, so was Peora, and that was when most Caterpillar machines were assembled.

Educational institutions include the University of Illinois at Peoria, Illinois State University and the Peora School of Mines and Technology.

For more information about where records are kept in Peoria County, visit the Peora County Courthouse website. Find a brief history of the churches in Peia County and find additional resources in the County Council Office and the County Council Office. For more information about the Probate Court, please refer to an additional source on Peoria's County estate.

More About East Peoria

More About East Peoria