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There's plenty of fun to be had this weekend when you want to get out of CHICAGO, and this weekend there's a virtual event that keeps you busy. The Midwest Herb and Garden Show, considered the largest event of its kind in the region, promises to be spectacular. The state of Illinois is making progress with its annual Herb & Garden Festival, which is one of those virtual events that happens every weekend and occupies all of us, but this year we're adding another one.

The show will be held at the Illinois Museum of Natural History in Chicago from 8 a.m. and is open to the public. Visit Unique Places, "including the Chicago Public Library, Illinois State Museum, Chicago Park District and Illinois Historical Society.

If you don't find yourself at the Illinois Museum of Natural History or Illinois State Museum in Chicago, you shouldn't be at any other Illinois museum.

The Peoria area includes the Illinois Museum of Natural History and Illinois State Museum in Chicago, and area attractions include the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, the Illinois Institute of Technology and the Chicago Public Library. Events are held throughout the year in local areas and attractions, including the Illinois History Museum, Illinois Museum and Chicago Field Museum at Chicago State University.

The museum's best-known exhibit is the railroad equipment that once operated in the Peoria area and is guarded by an entrance to the property. It is responsible for the maintenance of the facilities, as well as for the maintenance and repair of the railroads and facilities operating in and around the Peoria area.

The company car with the number 800, Danville, purchased from Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad, was used for TP & W service in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was purchased by the Peoria Historical Society and brought to the museum in 1984. It was exhibited in two different parks in Peoria. The museum was founded in 1867 and is the only museum of its kind in Illinois and one of the oldest in the country. Each year, 60 fifth and sixth graders take part in a four-day, two-week train ride through the city and surrounding suburbs of Chicago and through Illinois State University's system.

When it came time to create the exhibition, Fuoss contacted the Peoria Riverfront Museum, which helped create a map explaining it. The museum's headquarters are located at 324-326 Pekin Avenue, and the Sun portion of the model was moved to its current location on the east side of downtown at the corner of North and South Pembroke Avenues in 2013. This new museum, which opened on 4 September, is the successor to the original museum of the Tremont Historical Society, which opened in 1988. Both sites are operated by the Ostpeora Historical Association, but the museum itself is located on the new site.

The Figge, as it is commonly known, has an encyclopedic collection and serves as the official museum of the Illinois Historical Society and the American Museum of Natural History. It stretches from Illinois Route 29 in Taylorville and has deep connections to Illinois, as it was built by the Toledo - Peoria Western.

Illinois has much to offer to entertain, cultural experiences and recreation for adults and children while exploring the history of the state, from its origins to its current state. Activities include visiting the Illinois Historical Society, the American Museum of Natural History and the Chicago Public Library. Illinois has a lot of history and a lot of entertainment and cultural experience, such as recreation, which offers both adults and children. Whether you are exploring the past, present or future of Illinois "history, culture, arts and crafts, everything is there for you.

Experience all that Naperville has to offer when visiting the Illinois Historical Society, the American Museum of Natural History and the Chicago Public Library.

Discover more about Naperville's history, culture, and heritage at the Illinois Historical Society. Illinois Extension is a national leader in expanding impartial, research-based information that helps residents identify and solve local problems that create a better future for individuals, families, businesses, farms, and communities. Each class attracts volunteers, interns and staff to start a certificate program in the collection and maintenance of artifacts.

Children will love to see vintage cars and movie cars at the Volo Auto Museum and enjoy the weather at Lake County Forest Preserve. Try Chicago's iconic Field Museum, where you can enjoy food and music and view select museum exhibits. Some of the best breweries in Illinois host a fun - running end to end, start to end and end to end, beer and wine tastings, food trucks and more.

Cruise the Spirit of Peoria, take a river cruise at Weekend Getaways Illinois, have lunch at one of the great restaurants, make dinner plans for a night out, and then go to a show at the Genesee Theatre. Visit the Peoria Riverfront Museum or take a cruise aboard the Spirit of Peoria. Take a kick out of all the historic buildings and sites scattered across the country, from the Illinois State Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial.

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More About East Peoria