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The village of Peoria Heights is home to a number of independent retail stores and restaurants, and calls the central business district of Peoria Heights its home. Shops include a grocery store, a gas station, an ice cream shop and a grocery store. Clothing includes many camo, watersports equipment includes kayaks and clothing and accessories for outdoor activities such as kayaking.

Savers and collectors can start their journey at Moxie's ReSale at Anne Anteex and discover a wide range of clothing, accessories, shoes, jewellery and other items for sale. Then they can go to Chic Boutique, an independent retail store in the village of Peoria Heights, and make sure they go shopping there. The chic boutique offers trendy gifts and party supplies galore, not to mention a pretty little party room that you can book to celebrate your style.

The chic boutique embodies the charm of the hometown, while Washington's is a great stopover for visiting the Northwoods, due to its surrounding shop windows. Go across the street to Westlake Shopping Center and spend the day in East Peoria, where there are plenty of treasures. There are three locations in Morton, Tremont and Metamora where you can get caffeine, including the Coffee Roasting Company, a popular café and coffee bar.

Downtown Peoria has Rhodell Obed and Isaac's Bearded Owl seasonal microbreweries, and Thyme and Kelleher's Irish Pub has plenty of craft beer and delicious food. In the heart of downtown, Peora's Hofbrau offers fine German-American cuisine and beverages, as well as a selection of beers, wines and spirits from local breweries.

Enjoy top-notch drinks and small plates at Kemp's, 208, which offers a selection of craft beers, wines and spirits from local breweries, as well as delicious food and beverages.

J Junction City includes a growing number of leading restaurants and a diverse selection of restaurants, including the Hacienda Cafe, a popular destination for casual dining in the heart of the city. This sumptuous Indian cuisine offers oriental and Mediterranean cuisine, served in various locations, such as the restaurant's flagship restaurant on Plaza Plaza. The square is the growing hub for a wide range of local restaurants, bars and shops, and other fantastic choices include a selection of craft beers, wines and spirits from local breweries as well as local craft beer. The casting of fire offers a more casual option in nearby Heritage Square, but other great options in the city range from casual to casual - friendly.

Find one - or more - gifts from brands like Baskin-Robbins, J.C. Penney, Macy's, Nordstrom and more in the heart of the city, as well as a wide range of specialties.

Visit Trefzger's in Peoria Heights and taste homemade ice cream on site or sample imported produce and other international options. The Great American Popcorn Company in Morton offers freshly made popcorn for snacks while strolling through Main Street's shops. Visit the Dutch Caramelcorn, which offers homemade gourmet popcorn with caramel, caramel sauce and more, as well as a wide selection of popcorn specialties.

The Morton Pumpkin Festival takes place every autumn and offers the opportunity to visit local shops. The Dévee District has a variety of specialty shops, restaurants and other local businesses, as well as a number of local restaurants.

Visit the Morton County Chamber of Commerce and its website to talk to knowledgeable representatives and get a free guided tour of the museum and other local shops and restaurants in the Devee District. Dress up in a media room to impress your guests and join our experienced team who will tell you what is and treat you to a full day of special events, tours and special discounts at the Museum of Illinois.

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Matter March, which took place in downtown Peoria on Saturday, had planned its own rally in the city but declined the event in East Peoria, Roegge said. The night was otherwise tense for central Illinois, with chants including "I can't breathe," he broke out during his visit to the West Side mall, alluding to the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the killing of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri. Walmart closed its doors to protesters who gathered there after a similar incident at a Walmart in downtown St. Louis several weeks ago. There were no reports of arrests or arrests of protesters at any of the other Walmart stores on the city's east side, though at least two police officers were on the scene at the time.

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